How To Increase Immunity In Child Naturally In India

If immunity is strong, every disease will stay away...

Coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected more than half the country. Its cases are increasing in India too.

How To Increase Immunity In Child Naturally In India
Increase Immunity In Child Naturally In India

It is seen that people with weak immunity become infected very quickly with such viruses.

Experts believe that the virus of any disease can attack the body only when our ability to fight against diseases (also known as immunity) is weak.

Disease resistance acts as a defense shield for the body, only when weak, enemies of the disease like a virus can enter the body.

Weak immunity or disease resistance due to diseases like flu, tuberculosis (TB), and cancer due to changing weather has also been considered.

How To Increase Immunity In Child Naturally In India

Let's begin and know how we can increase immunity in child naturally.

It is certain that diet, behavior, and lifestyle have affected the immunity of all of us, due to which the attack of diseases is quicker than before and it takes the same amount of time to recover but if very small and necessary efforts are included in diet and behavior, then not only corona, many other types of viral flu, infectious and non-infectious diseases can be avoided, which is the secret in our kitchen and kitchen garden.

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Herbs To Boost Immune System

Open the kitchen drawer and have a look at the spices compartment.

Herbs To Boost Immune System
Herbs To Boost Immune System

Ginger and garlic, including methee seeds, mustard, Panchforan, heeng, rye, spices used in common daily routine, can be said to be excellent immune boosters that enhance immunity in children.

All these are used in daily food, but if they are used in different ways medicinally, they can be more effective.

Consumption of ginger prevents viral infections with the weather, methee seeds are anti-cancer, while Panchforan is used only to fight diseases.

Apart from spices, fruits and vegetables have also proved to be effective in strengthening disease resistance naturally as a nutritious alternative.
Apart from lemon, beetroot, orange, cucumber, almonds, walnuts, regular consumption of seasonal fruits guava, and kiwi also do not allow diseases to come close.

A large group of experts has now started advocating for treatment as well as protection against infections and diseases, which is much better than expensive treatment.

Medicine shield - To Increase Immunity Power In Body Naturally

In Allopathy there are many options to strengthen immunity.

Medicine shield To Increase Immunity Power In Body Naturally
Medicine shield To Increase Immunity Power In Body Naturally

Regarding this, Dr. Rajesh Taneja, General Physician Doctor at Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, says, 'Vitamin C and Vitamin B12 tablets have been considered as immune boosters for a long time.

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We now have many healthy patients who are concerned about their health after regular health check-ups. This is being seen more in the youth after the age of 40 years. The elderly are advised to apply vaccine grip injections, which are made on the basis of the flu, to protect them from invasive infections with changing seasons.

Vaccine grip vaccines, which come on the market every year, are launched with stain, which can create unnatural defense in the body against virus infection.

Best of 5 To Increase Immunity In Child Naturally

  1. Beetroot juice is effective in increasing blood.
  2. Lemon and curd are rich sources of vitamin C. Include them regularly in food.
  3. Marmalade of seasonal fruits, oranges, tangerines, and gooseberries strengthens immunity.
  4. Green tea and lemon tea are also effective in strengthening immunity.
  5. Cumin and celery serve as immune boosters. Boil them in water and filter and drink, there will be no viral infection in any season.

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