If you forgotten your car or vehicle somewhere | Here's car care tips

Have you forgotten your car in this difficult time of lockdown?

If you have forgotten, then after reading this article, you will definitely be thinking about your car. The vehicles which used to travel hundreds of kilometers daily have been suddenly brake on 23 March 2020.

The whole country is lockdown because we are fighting a war against Corona. But somewhere in the meantime your second house i.e. the car does not go bad, so we have brought some tips for you.

So, let us tell you some car care tipshow to keep your car safe in this lockdown.

If you have forgotten your car or vehicle somewhere | Here are some car care tips that may help you

If you forgotten your car or vehicle somewhere Here's car care tips
If you have forgotten your car or vehicle somewhere Here are car care tips

Caution is necessary first

Before starting this article you must be careful. Before going to the car, wear a mask, surgical gloves.

Sanitize the handle before entering the car, because many times people habitually touch the vehicles parked in the parking lot, so when you go near your car to move it, first get the door handle sanitized.

At this time, awareness is the biggest solution.

We all know in this lockdown period, we have too much free time so, we brought a brand new article for you to use your precious time to increase your knowledge.

Battery check

The battery is always the best for any vehicle. If you reach the car and find out that the battery has been discharged, you will neither be able to open it from the remote nor start it. So it is very important to keep the battery charged.

When you know that in this lockdown your car is going to stand for a long time, then it is very important to keep some things in mind.

If your car is three to four years old, then you need to be a little more worried, because it is more likely to discharge the battery. In such a situation, you must start your car once in four or 5 days and leave it to start for 5 minutes. This will not discharge the battery.

If you have a new car, there is no need to panic, because, in technology, the use of sitting becomes almost negligible as soon as the car is stopped and there is no problem when the car is standing even for 1 month.

Some people remove the battery wire. Let me tell you about this, it should be done when you are not going to use the car for four to five months.

If the car is on the slope

If your car is parked on the slope, then you need to be aware.

The reason is that when the car is not on the flat surface, it remains unbalanced. This has different effects on it.

There is constant pressure on its brakes, so definitely change the facing of the car once in two-four days. This is for those whose cross is in this position.

Try to keep your car on the flat surface, it will be better.

Left car in gear instead of the parking brake

People have a habit of picking up their parking brakes when they park their car.

When the car is constantly standing, doing so increases the possibility of the parking brake wire loosening.

At the same time, if you are using your car for everyday things, then there is no need to worry about it, but those whose car is constantly parked, they should leave their car in the gear after removing it from the parking brake.

When to run the car or vehicle

When you leave your car for a long time.

Start and leave for three to four minutes before it, whether it is diesel or petrol.

After this, drive about one and a half kilometers in progress 30 kilometers per hour speed, then gradually increase its speed.

By doing this, you will give a warmup to every part of the vehicle.

Do not keep anything inside the car

If you accidentally left some things inside the car, bring it out now, because the stuff inside the car gets completely spoiled in the heat of the interior. His smell messes up the interior of the car.

Note: It is only a guide. The manufacturer's specific recommendations take precedence and you should still have your car serviced regularly by a qualified technician.

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