Apple introduced the latest mobile operating system iOS 14, macOS 11, watchOS 7, and iPadOS 14 at the World Wide Developers Conference in June 2020.

It has many new features, which can give new experiences to the users using iPhone. Come, what was so special this time at the World Wide Developers Conference.
New Apple Products Launched in 2020: iOS 14, macOS 11, watchOS 7, and iPadOS 14

New Apple Products Launched in 2020

Products List
  • iOS 14.
  • macOS 11 Big Sur.
  • WatchOS 7.
  • iPadOS 14.
  • Lock-unlock and start car from iPhone.

iOS 14

At the World Wide Developers Conference this June 2020, Apple introduced the latest operating system “iOS 14”.

Look at the Official Apple iOS 14 Previews.

The new OS is equipped with many awesome features.

Users will see many changes in this, such as the interface will now look a bit different, as the redesigned widget is included with the app library in the new OS.

Let us tell you that the apps in the app’s library will now be arranged automatically, while due to the new design, users will be able to group the apps on the home screen.

Not only this, with the new privacy update, the user will also get a digital car key.

With the help of the iPhone in this, users will be able to lock-unlock and start the car.

New features: Apple iPhone Launched Amazing Featured Products

  1. Picture-in-Picture Mode.
  2. Translate App.
  3. App Clips.
  4. Lock-unlock and start car from iPhone

1. Apple iOS 14: Picture-in-Picture Mode

Like Android, now in iOS 14, users will be able to use the picture-in-picture mode.

The special feature of this feature is that if you are doing any work on the iPhone, then you will be able to watch the video in a small window.

By the way, this feature has been present on Android devices for a long time.

With this, Siri will appear in a new style in Apple’s latest OS. Siri will be able to use the entire screen of the user’s device.

Apple has introduced its Siri with a new compact UI.

In addition, Siri can now translate into more than 65 languages.

2. Apple iOS 14: Translate App

The user will also get the facility of Translate feature in the new OS.

Apple’s new Translate app will function like Google Translate. It initially supports 11 languages ​​including English.

However, you will not get Indic language in it now i.e. Hindi (Indian Language) will not get support.

3. Apple iOS 14: App Clips

In the new OS, users will get a new “App Clips” feature in the app store.

Through this feature, users will be able to see the preview about an app before installing it. With this, users will be able to decide whether to download the app or not.

Apple has also introduced a smart stack feature, which displays a variety of widgets throughout the day.

4. Lock-unlock and start car from iPhone

Apple has added the digital car-key feature with the new OS.

The special feature of this key is that the car can be unlocked or restarted with the help of the iPhone or Apple Watch.

This feature is based on Near Field Communication i.e, NFC, which will support the upcoming new BMW 5 Series.

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iOS 14 Supported devices: These phones will get new iOS 14 update

The new operating system will be available for download on all iPhone models working on iOS 13 i.e. the new iOS version will work on all iPhones from iPhone 6S to iPhone SE (2020):-

  • iPhone XS.
  • iPhone XR.
  • iPhone X.
  • iPhone 8.
  • iPhone 8 Plus.
  • iPhone 7.
  • iPhone 7 Plus.
  • iPhone 6S.
  • iPhone 6S Plus.
  • iPhone SE.

iOS 14: Release Date

“When is iOS 14 coming out ?” is a common question during the summer beta period.

While Apple hasn’t released a specific release date, iOS 13 was released on September 13th, 2019. It’s likely that iOS 14 will come around the same time.

MacOS 11 (macOS Big Sur)

The company has also introduced a new Mac OS 11. This will be called macOS Big Sur.

Look at the Official Apple MacOS 11 (macOS Big Sur) Preview.

In this OS, the user will get many updates.

With the help of the control centre, users will be able to disable features like brightness, do not disturb.

Along with this, a new notification centre has also been given. Its good thing is that one kind of notifications will be done in the group by itself.

Let us tell you that MacOS Big Sur is the version of macOS 11 itself. In it, you will see newly designed icons, better sound, and animation.

Major changes have also been made in Safari. As always, this time also it has been claimed that it will be decided in advance.

In the Safari browser of Apple, the user will see the ‘Privacy Report’ button in the URL bar. With this help, users will be able to see third party trackers on the website and it can be blocked in just one click.

However, this kind of anti-tracking feature is already available on browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

WatchOS 7

This time Apple has also added great features with watchOS 7.

  • Handwashing Feature.
  • Sleep Tracking Feature.
  • New Workout Features.
  • Face Management Feature.

Look at the Official Apple watchOS 7 Preview.

1. Handwashing Feature

It has a special handwashing feature, which has been introduced keeping the Covid-19 in mind.

If you do not wash your hands for 20 seconds, this feature can be useful. Motion sensors, microphones, and machine learning are used for this.

It has a countdown time of 20 seconds for handwash. If users wash hands before this countdown, they are prompted to wash their hands properly.

The special thing is that this feature will also give notification of handwashing when Apple iWatch users arrive home.

2. Sleep Tracking Feature

Users have been waiting for the sleep tracking feature for a long time, which is now being given with this watchOS.

In this, Apple iWatch users will see important information such as downtime routine, pre-set sleep goals, etc. in the morning UI.

Apart from this, a special silent alarm has also been given in it, which can help in awakening the user without making any sound.

3. New Workout Features

Workout features like dance and core training have also been added to the new OS.

The noise level has also been updated. Through which the user will get better sound while using the headphone.

iPadOS 14

In iPadOS 14 too, the user will get many new updates.

Look at the Official Apple iPadOS 7 Preview.

This time Apple has made the search operation even better in the design.

The good thing is that with the help of the Apple Pencil feature, handwritten notes can also be prepared, which if the user wants, they will be able to convert it into text.

In its new OS, many more apps have been added with Apple Music, Email, Calendar, Notes, and Photos.

Also, you will be able to easily drag and drop content between the playlist and photo gallery.

The AI ​​virtual assistant Siri used for Apple’s device has been shifted downwards.

Also, it will also see features like Apple Pencil and AR Experience.

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