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How to convert image to PDF on Windows 10

If you are using Windows 10, it is not easy to convert image formats like JPG, PNG, TIFF to PDF. But if you want, you can convert the image to PDF without downloading any other software. For this, the 'Microsoft Print to PDF' feature is used. With its help, web pages and Microsoft Word documents can also be converted to PDF with images.

Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10
Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10

Use This Trick to Convert Any Image to PDF on Windows 10

  1. If you want to convert the photo to PDF, then open the photo by default image. It can also be a Windows 10 photo app and editing programs such as Paint.
  2. When the image opens here, then press Ctrl + P. This will open the print dialogue box.
  3. Here you have to select 'Microsoft Print to PDF' option and click on Print. After this a new dialogue box will pop up. After this, write the file name and select the location of the file. When done, then click save.

This way you will be able to convert the image to PDF.

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How to enable Microsoft to PDF

If you do not see the option of Microsoft Print to PDF in the listed printer, then you have to enable this feature. For this, the first search the 'Turn Windows feature on and off' on the system. After this, the Windows feature will open.

When you scroll down here, the option of 'Microsoft Print to PDF' will appear. OK after ticking it. This feature will be enabled.


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